Judy July 2020

Hello from Colorado

Sorry for being so late.  It just seems to be my speed lately.

We got back from MT on Monday. Had a nice visit with family and did NOT try to visit many friends. Just made the most of the time we had. We went to Canyon Ferry Lake the last weekend we were there and it was so much fun. Both Annie and Amanda have their second home there now and we really enjoyed it. Doug and Gretchen are both working and have odd hours but we were with them as much as we could and of course we got to see Jane both weekends. The first weekend we helped the twins celebrate their 5th birthday.

They are growing up fast and of course Adalee  is too.

Darold went back to work after 7 weeks of confinement. He cannot leave now and no one is allowed to come into S Korea until they lift the rules. Who knows he may just stay there.

DeeDee and Kevin stay busy. Kevin did get tested for the virus and thank God he was negative. Joey has graduated from college and has still not begun working. The virus kept him from getting the job he was promised before he graduated. We did get to have dinner together with the family but it wasn’t the same as usual. It was one get together for his birthday and graduation, our anniversary and of course Mother’s Day.

This virus has put a damper on so many things, but we just have to put up with it and hope it can turn around soon. Never thought this could happen in our world. Not being able to go to church, but if we wanted to join a group of violent rioters that would be okay.  ??  Guess conscience and common sense have gone out the window. It’s a good thing Tony and Deloris celebrated their birthday last summer.

Love and prayers to all.