Judy March 2022

Hello from Colorado

Good news is that Darold and Lyn have moved back to the states. Darold is working for a contractor named Fluor which is on the Buckley Space Base in Aurora, CO. They purchased a townhome not far from the base and moved in on Feb 21. Their household shipment arrived just in time for their move in date. They lived with us for two months. It is so good to have them back in the states. Their new address is: 2950 S Yampa Way  Aurora, CO 80013. Darold had gone to Bozeman and got a truck from Doug  and a few days after he started his new job he was rear ended. He is just now getting things settled with the insurance companies and the truck will go in for repair sometime next month. It is drivable until then and he will get a rental car during repair.

Leo and I are doing okay. Medications are keeping Leo at a steady pace. Our winter is over and we have to say that it was mild. We had one day in March when the temperature was 80 degrees. We didn’t complain about that. Now we are in the 50 and 60’s which is normal. Snow removal was much easier with Darold’s help.

Dan and Carrisa visited us one evening and we had a nice visit with Bonnie and RJ on their way to AZ. Cousin Tony from Utah was with us for a couple days. Tony and Bobbie stopped in for a couple hours when Doug and Darold were both here. Doug had come down to help his dad with a plumbing project. He also put a new (bigger) water heater in for Darold. Other than that we have not had much company. It is nice that Yamane’s and Darold and Lyn live close by. We aren’t afraid that we will give each other Covid so we have had lots of family dinners .We always look forward to anyone who can stop by or stay awhile.

So sorry we had to miss the family funerals. We will always miss those two fine gentlemen. Our prayers are with your families.

Doug and Gretchen and their families are doing well. Yamane’s all stay busy. Andrew will graduate in Dec. The Schnell family is looking forward to a visit to ND for ‘the Fischer party’. We will see many of you there.

Love, Judy