Jane November 2018


Hello Family,

I have not written for so long, and I still feel like I have nothing to say.  I do think of things to say while I am doing other things, but as soon as I sit down, they disappear from my mind.  I resolve, not to get up until I get a letter written!

Al has bought a ski pass at Big Sky for this year after much consideration.  His pass is only good for Mondays through Thursdays.  So I think my free weekends this winter will be nonexistent.  He has taken on the job of temporary guarantor/conservator for some friends and that has kept him very busy for the last few months.  We will know if the temporary turns into permanent the end of January after it goes to court.  I guess they get to decide.  On top of that, I still let him do the cooking and cleaning because a bored Al is not easy to live with.

I keep myself busy outside the house.  I do exercise classes at the senior center, I’m on a bowling team, go to bible study, do Eucharistic ministry at an assisted living home, a companion to an elderly lady and on the RCIA team.  I enjoy them all.

Allen and Tami are both still in the same jobs.  Actually Allen switched from the Finance and Insurance man to sales manager.  He felt the need to do something different and he does like it.  He is still at Bozeman Ford.  Ryan is a senior this year.  How can that be?  He was named a National Merit Scholarship finalist.  He is on the speech and debate team and plays cello in the orchestra.  He has been accepted into MSU here in Bozeman, but I think he is still looking at other colleges also.  His maternal grandparents have bought a winter home in Tennessee, and asked Ryan to stay at their home here to keep an eye on things.  Allen and Tami are letting him stay there on weekends with surprise visits from Mom and Dad on occasion.  I think Ryan is enjoying that.

Ginny and Corey are doing well.  Now that Corey is CEO of his company, he spends a lot of time on the roads of Montana and also quite a few trips flying to other states.  Ginny and some friend realtors are starting their own business.  It has been a lot of work, but she believes it will be worth it.  Livy and Chris are both doing great in school and they both are playing hockey.  Livy wanted to be on an all girls team and they don’t have one in Billings, so she had to chose either Bozeman or Miles City.  They are both a two hour drive from Billings, so she chose Bozeman so we could see each other more.  My most exciting news about Livy and Chris is that they are going through RCIC.  That is the children’s version of the program to join the Catholic Church.  So if all goes well, they will be baptized, receive their first communion and be confirmed at the Easter Vigil at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Billings.  I feel very blessed.

Drew and Dorie are also doing well.  Nicole started middle school, so she now leaves about an hour after Kylie and then also arrives home much later.  Dorie finds the new schedule a bit difficult to live with.  They keep the girls active in dance, running, swimming and bicycling.  They live too far away, so I do not know a lot of details of their lives.

So,  I think my letter is written.  I am off to the symphony, and I got done before I had to go.  I hope to get Christmas cards sent out, but just in case, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.  God bless you.    Jane