Cletus March 2019

Hello Family:
I apologize for the delay in getting our letter sent out to everyone.

I have struggled in getting the letter posted with all the challenges our family has faced and continues to each day. The challenges that we are all aware of and those deep in our heart.  Please know I think of all of you.  Family, what a gift and blessing.

Where do I start?

We all extend our deepest sympathy to Uncle Bob, Darren and family for the loss of Annie. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

DeGiulio family remember your “Team Vince” family continues to extend prayers your way for strength and support.

On a lighter note I will start with my dad(maybe not so light). He ask me to write about an area that he is perplexed about “beauty products.”  My Dad noticed on Moriahn’s bathroom vanity was a product of “Wet skin moisturizer” and wondering “Why do you need to moisturize wet skin?” This then sparked my dad’s memory.  He remembered the time Deloris left her “beauty product” on this same bathroom vanity but, her product was “firming cream.” Dad said, “Deloris’ product makes much more sense to me and I believe to Rod’s advantage.”

My dad asked to “proof” read my letter before sending. After his last family letter posted, I believe I need to start proof reading his letters.

My parents are both doing great busy with volunteer work at the food pantry and church. Mom is also cooking at the senior center when a helping hand is needed.

Moriahn is currently staying with my parents for this clinical rotation.  Rod and Deloris have also opened their home to Moriahn during rotations in Rapid. She said, “I have the best of both worlds,Deloris and Granny are the best cooks.” Moriahn will graduate in July!  We are all very excited for her achievement for she has worked very hard. She is also excited to  be on someone’s payroll (Mark and I are too). We are very gracious for all the help from family.  We could not do without all of you.

Brittney and Ryan are doing great.  Colorado Rockies fans so they have a couple games planned to attend this summer and camping trips with “Ol Destiny” and the girls. The girls are very active and keep them both busy. Kaidyn is currently playing soccer and does very well.  Cam is doing gymnastics.

Mark has always been an avid bird hunter and Ducks Unlimited supporter.  He was asked by the regional director to get the Gillette chapter of Ducks back in order.  He was assigned chairman and accomplished a very successful banquet. Corporate was very impressed with the final results after the banquet. He will be chairman for one more year and pass the baton.

A sausage making party was held in Sundance for the birthday party in  June and is now in the freezer.  Everyone will eat well at the party.

Deloris, when you visit, be sure not leave your “firming cream” on my dad’s vanity when  you stay. I worry it will relocated to my mom’s vanity.  Need we mention any names?

Love you all dearly and looking forward to seeing all of you in June.  Regent will not be the same and long overdue!