Deloris July 2021


Guess I missed the July deadline but I’m hoping Tony will still post my letter.  I was really thrown for a loop when I saw Jane was the first letter this time but it was good to hear from her.  I often go back to previous letters to get information I’m looking for and it always helps when there was a letter posted.  I just did it about a month ago but right now I don’t remember what I was looking for but I do remember finding it.  So keep the letters coming as I know I’m not the only one that loves hearing from everybody.

Jessica and the kids were just here for 10 days and that time just flew by.  The triple digit temps kept them from doing everything on their list but they did enjoy as much as possible.  We had hoped to get to Devil’s tower with a stop in Sundance but ran out of time.  The DeGiulios took in a trail ride, Mount Rushmore, Bear Country and several other tourist attractions and we just enjoyed having them with us.  In the evenings we gathered with Judd’s family and all had dinner together.  It was nice that they flew in for this trip as it gave us a couple extra days with them.  We hated to see them leave yesterday and are sure missing them already.  The kids, especially Lili was anxious to see Zak and Eddie – the dogs!

Jess needed to get home to get the kids ready to head back to school.  Gabi is very excited to get her braces off – tomorrow in fact – before she starts high school next week.  Wow, a freshman in the house.  Lili is going into 7th grade so is also headed to a new school but she starts mid month as does Charlie, our fifth grader, who will be the only DeGiulio in Pleasant Hill Elementary.  That school has been so good to their family especially during the time Vince was sick. Gabi has hung up her dancing shoes and will concentrate mainly on year around softball.  Lili and Charlie will continue to participate in acting which they both enjoy!

Real Estate is keeping Judd running this summer as he has too many buyers and not enough houses available but guess that’s the case all over right now.  Rapid City is really growing and we have several large apartment complexes going up throughout the city.  One is pretty close to us but I’m sure it will fit the area once it’s done.  Judd is also the President of Summer Nights which sponsors a downtown event every Thursday evening and they seem to be fighting the weather most weeks.  It takes a lot of time and effort but people look forward to it and show up in masses.  

Jen enjoys her job at Keifer Sanitation and this week will start working in Sturgis as the rally is starting on Friday.  With all the campers coming in they have a great need for waste management and Jen is the person they call.  She does all the computer work to get it all lined up but thankfully she doesn’t have to do the “dirty” work.  Because both Jen and Judd are so busy during the rally week, Alli is spending two weeks in Iowa with Grandma Dee and Keith.  Alli doesn’t start school until late August so she gets this time with her Grandma’s undivided attention.  She’s a lucky girl and she loves it.  Alli will also be a fifth grader this year and that is the last class in her school so she is looking forward to being one of the “older” kids.  

Rod and I usually head out of town during the Sturgis Rally but since Jessica was just here we are going to tough it out at home this year.  We will stay close to home but have a few appointments lined up.  Rod had a notch cut out of his head and they had to go back in to get more but are confident they got it all.  Then he is also doctoring with his knee and has good days and bad days with that but is thinking he will end up with a knee replacement in the near future.  I will be doctoring here in Rapid with my Parkinson’s to see how that works.  It’s just so much easier than downtown Chicago but I’m still so thankful I did see Dr. Bega as he definitely got my prescriptions on the right track after struggling with that.  Other than that nothing has really changed with my Parkinsons. We do have airline tickets to visit the DeGiulios next month for two weeks.  During that time Jess has a girls weekend at a lake in Michigan so we will be in charge of three kids and two dogs.  Wish us luck.   

We both enjoyed the Ordination weekend in North Dakota and seeing so much family.  Everything was so special the entire weekend and like Jane, we also felt very blessed.  Fr. Ben was in Rapid the end of June and stayed with us (yes, I was nervous having a priest stay at our house).  He was here to attend the ordination of his friend and classmate to becoming a Transitional Deacon.  I debated whether to go but then I realized how lucky I am to live in a city that is home to our Cathedral so  I went and felt blessed all over again.  Now I am planning to attend this young man’s Priestly Ordination next summer if all goes as planned.  I cannot wait.

Well, that is everything in a nutshell so I will let you all get back to the Olympics as will I too.

Let’s all pray for rain!

Love, The Nielsens