Bonnie March 2021

Hello from the dry state, North Dakota!  We’ve had such a dry winter, and have been in extreme fire danger since late February.  An average winter brings 40” of moisture here and this year, we’ve only had 14”.  We’re hoping that the heavy fog we had in January will bring heavy rain in April!

Todd’s family is having a really wet spring, and would love to send some rain our way, but it just doesn’t work.  We miss seeing them all, but do get to see them on FaceTime every so often.  The boys love school, but much prefer going to school than being at home learning.  I guess anytime someone at school is in contact with someone who was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID, they have to spend 2 weeks at home.  Both boys have the same favorite subject – Math! Their governor is keeping everything shut down until 75% of people are vaccinated, which makes it hard for Todd to find employment.

Jared and Cara have pretty busy lives with jobs and Ethan!  We got away to MN last month for Ethan’s 3rd birthday!  Such fun!  We love getting to spend time with him, and of course Jared and Cara too!  We FaceTime regularly and get videos of Ethan too.  The last ones were him singing the 12 months of the year and another of him singing the Spanish alphabet!  I wasn’t sure if he got the alphabet right or not, but he sure was cute singing it!  The Gaetz grandparents gave him a 90 piece train set, and there were 8 engines on the top.  Ethan asked me to count them, so I did, and he said, “Grandma, I meant in Spanish!”  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with that boy!

Bonnie’s Birthday Bash will be July 22-24, 2022 in Bismarck.  We have blocks of rooms at Quality Inn and Comfort Inn.  They are connected.  They both have pools, but Comfort Inn has a slide.  You can use either pool as long as you have a room booked at either place.  Phone #s to call and book a room are Comfort Inn: 701-223-4009 or 701-751-2924 and Quality Inn:  701-223-1911 or 701-223-6977.  Ask for the group rate for JACOBS FAMILY.  I believe we will also be having Saturday and Sunday breakfasts in one of their rooms downstairs.  This is the same place we had rooms for Jerry’s funeral.  I don’t have much else planned yet.  Stay tuned!

I’m still having hip problems and the determination has been made, after struggling with it for a year, that I will be getting a new hip!   Not sure when that will happen yet, but the sooner, the better! 

Hope you are all doing well.  Love you all and have a Happy Easter!