Tony November 2019


First of all, we want to thank everyone who helped make our family reunion such a great success.  Even making the commitment to go to Regent can be significant if you live outside of North Dakota as travel to rural areas tends to be expensive.  We tried to have some fun activities for everyone and we do appreciate everyone getting involved in those or just enjoyed watching them. The assistance we received in getting everything done was unbelievable. Everyone we asked to help was more than willing but I do need to mention some specifically.  Neal and Billie provided the manpower and expertise in smoking the meat for our pulled pork sandwiches and Carol was extremely helpful in the acquisition of Baker Boy products to help fill out the menu. But there is no way we can mention everything that the Krebs family did for us. The event would have been a mere shadow of what it was without everything they did to help us out (thanks MaryAnn and Nick). We almost doubled the population of Regent for that weekend so it should have provided at least a tiny boost in their economy.  

We have all been busy since the Reunion.  As you know we spent a week at the cabin before we came home.  I then had a brief “staycation” while Bobbie took a little trip to DC and NYC.  Before Bobbie got back from her boondoggle, I flew to San Luis Obispo to take care of Amy & April’s dogs for a week.  She then got back to Colorado before I did so we both had a little alone time as well as a trip. In September, Ryan and Amy bought me a trip from Colorado to Long Beach for my birthday and they immediately left on their vacation and I spent a week at their house taking care of their dogs.  This happened while Dan & Carissa were in LA for a friend’s wedding so I got to spend a little time with them as well. Amy & April came down for the weekend though and took me to a Dodgers/Rockies game at Dodgers Stadium. My kids sure take good care of me.

Bobbie took several trips, the biggest was going to Washington D.C. and New York City with Amy and April in July. Amy had a work conference in DC, so Bobbie and April went along to sightsee.  They went to the White House, and lots of monuments, museums, and great food! The best part was seeing Mariah! It was hot, but nothing compared to how hot it was in New York City! Bobbie went on her annual girl’s trip in September. This year was South Carolina and now Bobbie wants me to go back to SC with her! She also got to go to Las Vegas with, Amy, April and me to see Jimmy Buffett! A Mother’s Day gift for her.   It was a great show and we didn’t even lose much money gambling. Bobbie wants to again thank everyone for all the help that made Tony and Deloris’s Regent celebration such a success!

Amy loved seeing everyone in Regent, and was impressed at how hard everyone worked together to pull off a great weekend.  She loved her trip out east with April and Mom, but could have done without the record heat. Dad did a good job dog sitting while they were busy having fun.  Amy was also able to spend a weekend with Ginny, Livy, and Bubba in Los Angeles. They saw Ryan and Amy and enjoyed some swim time at their house. They also got to see the Dodgers beat the Yankees (good for Amy & April- not so much the Jensens.)  She had a great time in Vegas, and April came home a little richer.

Ryan and Amy have had a busy summer and early fall. They visited Amy and April over the summer where Ryan was the adult champion of their Tour de Franzia event. In September they went on a cruise out of Boston to Maine and Canada. Saw some leaves changing colors and learned about the great Halifax explosion of 1917. They are going to Temecula in SoCal wine country in a couple of weeks then heading to Cape Cod the week of Thanksgiving, and finishing off the year with their annual San Diego Christmas Beercation in December. Ryan just found out that his boss is leaving the company and he will be interim director with a decent chance on the permanent position. It means going from managing 5 people to being responsible for about 50. 

Dan has been busy trying to find another job since the new Governor of Colorado and his liberal congress have implemented new laws greatly restricting drilling for oil.  While he is working on finding a new career, Carissa is working to finish her masters. They are both very busy right now but they did enjoy their brief trip to California.

Bobbie and I joined Bob, Leo, and Judy and attended the guy & Marie Jacobs reunion held in Loveland, CO early this month.  They were all there except for JQ as he was concerned that it didn’t fit his carbon footprint. We had a great time and I really admire Pete and Laureen for the amount of family history they have learned and willingly share with all of us.

I need to make one last point about the reunion, when Bobbie asked me what I thought was the best part of the reunion and there were a lot of things to choose from but the answer was easy.  It was the people. What I saw was a large group of people of different generations and in different personal situations interacting with each other and enjoying that time with each other. We are a great family but it is because we work at it and I hope we will always continue to do that.

Love, Bobbie, Tony. Amy, Ryan, and Dan