Cletus March 2021

I’ve been asked to write a family update, which makes sense. I mean, given all of the travel and activities everyone has been able to do this past year, there certainly is a lot to write about. No major world event comes to mind which would have kept us all in our homes for the most part during this time. Yep, definitely a normal, unremarkable year.

My parents and Maeve continue to live in North Carolina. Maeve has been attending middle school on an in-person/virtual hybrid schedule. Her school district just recently brought back school sports, so she is looking forward to competing in track this spring. My mom’s school on the other hand has had their students attending for the full 5-day week, so her students have been getting a comparatively normal in-person educational experience. My parents had their 30-year anniversary last year. They celebrated by taking a trip to Savannah, Georgia while Larissa and Chris stayed with Maeve. Honestly, you have to give them a lot of credit for coming back home at the end of the trip.

Larissa and Chris moved to South Carolina early last year. I’ve heard the weather is remarkably similar to Maine, especially the notoriously brutal winters. Larissa is still in the hotel business, but is with a new company. Tasha is currently stationed in Virginia for the Naval Reserves, but had been working her own route for the Post Office in Maine prior to that. I’m still currently in Indiana, teaching at a middle school and am also now the head coach for the 7th grade boys basketball team. I’m the only non-homeowner of the three of us, but Maeve doesn’t own one either, so I’m not the only one slacking. 

Incredibly, my dad finally struck it rich in the copier repair business. As his net worth continues to grow exponentially, he is looking to emerge as a competitor to Space-X in private citizen space travel. Copiers in space need fixing too after all. Unfortunately, he has so far refused to share any of his vast wealth with me. In fact, he has been spreading rumors that this story is a complete fabrication. Ridiculous, I know. I hope that everyone has been able to stay safe and healthy this past year. Looking forward to better times ahead.