MaryAnn November 2022



Rod and I have slowed down some, we are just enjoying our time at home. Rod has finished with the lawns we take care of. He hasn’t started any projects in his workshop. He did make a few trips to Bismarck to watch Nic’s football games and we did make it to a few of Jaxon’s football games and one of Emma’s soccer games. I continue to go to work at Head Start.

Erica is staying busy at school with her third graders. Eric has to drive to Robison Lake one day for work and otherwise he works from home. Aidan is a sophomore at Century and then also works at Cashwise grocery. Nic is a 7th grader at Horizon and stays real busy with hockey, he has also started reffing the younger hockey games.

Jon and Amanda have finally moved into their new home.  They were very excited to finally move out of the two bedroom apartment. Jon is a co-facilitator at the day school and Amanda is enjoying her elementary principal job in Mandan.  Jon also stays busy reffing, he just finished with football and will soon start girls and boys basketball. Jaxon is in the fifth grade and Emma is a second grader at Solheim Elementary. Jaxon is busy with basketball this time of year and Emma is taking piano lessons.

He hope everyone has a happy and blessed holiday season.  Love you all!




We have many things to be thankful for. 

2 BEAUTIFUL GIFTS that I am most thankful for I received from Mom and Dad.  One my FAITH and the other my SIBLINGS.  I can not imagine life without them.  These 2 gifts I have needed this last year more than a person can imagine.  

Family is top of my list.  I don’t know where I would be without my 3 beautiful daughters and 5 busy grandsons and of course my cute little granddaughter.

Charity’s family has been busy with sports.  I have enjoyed watching Hudson and Hunter play baseball this summer on to football this fall and now into wrestling for Hunter and basketball for Hudson.  I try to make most of their games which is a lot of time on the road to Bismarck, but what more do I have.  Charity is staying busy at the Cancer Center and Justin working for the State of ND Highway Dept.

Nicole is busy with her Job at Bone & Joint and Jordan at Timec in Mandan.  The kids are keeping them on their toes.  Otto just finished soccer which he seems to have enjoyed and enjoyable to watch when it wasn’t TOO COLD.  Otto is in Pre-K and seems to be enjoying School a little more.  Oliver is in the Kids program so gets to ride a BUS 2 days a week to school and Nora is just Nora….goes to Miss Jo’s everyday(day care).  In October Nicole was added to the Marauder’s Hall of Fame at the University of Mary with her 2004 basketball team.  It was a great weekend for her to enjoy time with her teammates that she spent A LOT of hours with during college 

Sarah seems to be liking her new Job.  I like the fact that she is home at night and she is able to get Camden to School and pick him Up.  For Camden I feel the Job change has been good.  Hopefully he will be getting into wrestling this winter.  He enjoys the neighbor friends and is always in a hurry to get outside to Play but without recent snow he just has to shovel Oma’s driveway….

I am very fortunate to have a neighbor that has a Bobcat to move snow.  Last Spring he came over and had the snow moved in NO TIME at all.  He told me that Delmar used to bring in the big loaders from work that made his Bobcat look like a Tonka Toy.  Well our first snowfall he was again moving my snow

My FAITH is also on the top of my list, without it I am not sure where I would be.  This year has been difficult at Work for Fisher Industries, in the Accounting Department.  In July one of my co-workers with 5 young kids was diagnosed with Cancer, she is putting up a great fight and has 4 more treatments of Chemo left.  In September the Head of the AP was diagnosed with Cancer and also and has just began her treatments. And recently my Boss’s foster Son was just in a horrible accident in MT and they are considering him a possible vegetable, so she has a lot of decisions to help make.  Where do people go without faith and prayer.  Both women with Cancer were given one of the special Prayer Shawls that were made by special people….My AUNTS.

As these Newsletters come to an end I want to THANK EVERYONE for all the time and effort put into it.  Tony and Ryan and all who submitted letters.  I have to say it was a challenge some days what I was going to add.  For when Mom was alive she would bug us for info and then as our families grew it is hard to remember what was new.

I do have to say that I always knew I had the BEST FAMILY AROUND and what I and my Girls have dealt with in the last 15 months with all the LOVE and SUPPORT only puts the Topping on the Cake.  Not all have had to process this but the day will come and you can be reassured the JACOBS/KREBS FAMILY will be there for LOVE and SUPPORT.  Thank you.

Love you, Joan


Greetings Family from my house to yours.

Hello everyone from the Krebs Farm here in New England, North Dakota. Greetings!!

All of you know it’s been a very trying year for me. You are all aware that we had a farm sale in May. Which went very well. With that, comes living by myself which has its benefits but more sadness. I’ve been struggling emotionally. Surely we can all acknowledge that in our own daily lives. With that, I’ve been going to a grief/loss retreat at our church. Also the weekend of November 18th-20th I’m going to another grief retreat. My God, surely he’ll help me get thru this! I no longer work at the school. Superintendent issues. Not working in those conditions.  Time to take care of myself. With that said, in December I’m having my left knee replaced. After that comes my hip. They have both been bothering me for quite some time. Too many feed pails/milk/cement in my days.

We made some beautiful Christmas cards in honor of our beloved Jim. So when you get this card. Look closely at the big red barn. The sun rays but also the Bird flying in our mist. So our sign from above.  Also “Cheers to you Jim” Hope you all love them as much as we do. My girls have been very supportive of me, also my son-in-laws, God gave them to me and I’m taking full advantage of them. So thank you.

We have some Great news to spread. Our Chris and Nikki are having baby #6 in March. Maybe that boy is in our grabs! Or maybe not. But, I’ll take what the Good Lord brings me. With that said, Chris retired from Berger Electric last July. He is a full-time farmer with his Dad. Enjoying all the ups and downs of farming. He already figured out you need two of everything. Just in case. The kiddos are getting so big. Kendra is 14, Breanna is 13, Bristol 8, Ella is 5, and Annika is 2 1/2. New baby in March. Love it!

Teresa & Trevor are busy as always. Teresa went back to school to be an RN plus working part-time. Trevor is at Drolc Electric. Kylee is 10, Eli is 9, Nina is 4, and Ian is 2 1/2. Believe me when I say noise. It’s Noise!!

Dani & Jon, have been busy with their activities as well. From soccer to horse riding to baseball. Miles is 13, Harper is 9, and Jalenis 4. Jon is a captain at Alaska airlines and Dani is a stay-at-home Mom. God is so Good. 

With all said and done, I’m in survivor mode. Winter’s coming and I already have the skid steer jelled up. Blah… I rely on my girls and the noise of grandbabies to survive. Enjoying the noise when I can. God is Good what else can I say.

 So in closing, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas from my house to yours. Love you all! What an amazing family we have. Pauly Krebs’ family loves all of you!


Happy Holidays to all from our house to yours. We spent thanksgiving with Kristi’s  entire family, only missing 1 nephew, so to say the least we had a houseful,  33 plates counting kids.

But being brought up by MaryAnn,  yes we still had leftovers.

On Saturday night we baptized little Brynlee Lorainne, (Ryan & Ashley’s) which I had the Honor of administrating.

Jacob,Kaylee and Crosby were home and spent the weekend with us, time always goes way too fast when they are home. Jacob and Kaylee are still both teaching and Crosby stays busy with Daycare,  He’s learning to talk quite well and is starting to work on Potty training.

Ashley and Ryan are always busy, as there 3 littles keep them on there toes. George is in  PreSchool already and really seems to like numbers. He also has currently learned to snap his fingers so you know when he’s around. Jack is always busy trying to hide the tv remote or the phone, he will be the tech guy of the family. Little Brynlee is just busy being passed around and being held, as a little girl in the house is something new. Ryan and Ash are moving into there busy time getting ready to sell their calves early next year. And then followed by calving shortly after.

Megan is enjoying her 1st year as a school social worker and is hoping to take her state boards in early 2023..She is busy planning her wedding in August so hope to see many of you there.

Kristi followed through with her retirement plans from Daycare, as of Sept. she has been busy trying to find parts of the house that still need cleaning. She is enjoying her time off and her walks with our dog.  I’m still working at Consolidated and will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in Feb.  Time will tell how long I stick with it, but for now I’ll stay out of Kristi’s way.

Here’s hoping all are doing well and have a great new year

Thanks also to all who have kept this family letter going  over the years


Krebs Krew


Hello from the Franchuks.  It makes me a little sad also to know the family letter in this format is coming to an end and yet I totally understand it.  I was thinking back on things too, and a few things stuck out for me.  When I would print the letter and take it over to Mom and Dad they would get so excited.  Then I think they would proceed to tell everyone what they read!!  When Mom died, I remember Dad looking at us and saying ‘who is going to do the family letter’.  At the time I said don’t worry Dad, it will get done.  We usually did get it sent in, pretty late most of the time but that was Moms way!! I’m becoming as good at procrastinating as she was! 

Mike and the kids went deer hunting again this year, Camden even got to go one day with the guys!!  We had quite a bit of snow in early November, they said the country side was beautiful with all the untouched snow except for animal tracks. It took them all 3 weekends but they did get all three tags filled.  Now we have  to work out plans with Ben for butchering.  

Ben is enjoying his new assignment in Bowman, Rhame and Marmath.  He’s always loved farm work so being in a farming/ranching community is right up his alley.  He’s made it out to the Buchholz ranch to drive some truck and helped a few other farmers too on his days off.  Sounds like he is fitting in well.  Fr Luke, Bens friend from seminary, went to Bowman to do a mission for him.  It was fun for them to reconnect.  

Kayla keeps busy with her job and Zoey. Kayla and I took Zoey for lots of walks in the summer but now with the colder weather and ice we don’t get out as much. Zoey is not impressed!! 

Mike and I keep busy with work.  Mike also spends alot of time in the shop on his woodworking projects.  He had a project for church which has kept him pretty busy. The Covid bug hit our house also.  Fortunately it only hit me, Mike and Kayla didn’t get it to our knowledge.  Kayla would test everyday just to make sure she could continue to work since her job involves going into peoples homes. It took about a week but I finally started feeling better!   

I will miss the family letter but am thankful it has carried on as long as it has.  We love you all!!



Hi Family,
First of all thank you to Tony and family for taking charge of the family letter for all these years. You did a great job.  I have always enjoyed reading the letters… not so much at contributing my part of the letter.  With that being said I am the reason Mom's letters were usually late.  Seems like we are always busy around here, with most of our work being associated with the buffalo, our way of life.

Conner graduated college last spring so is working full time at home, which is really nice for Wayne to be able to have Conner start making some of the decisions around here.

Jenna is keeping busy at U Mary, still on schedule to finish in spring of 2024. She is looking forward to living off campus after spring semester. They grow up fast.
We enjoy having Fr. Ben being in Bowman. Hope he can stay for a few years. If he’s not busy on his day off he finds his way out to our place, we always have something to do if he wants to help…. Thanks Ben, we appreciate you.

Well that’s about it from here. I remember telling Dad the best gifts him and Mom gave me were my siblings. Thank you Mom for your siblings too…

Love you all, take care!  LeAnn